Edmonton Driveways

Driveways have evolved to be more than a short patch of concrete that leads to your garage and have become an extension of the entrance to your home. As such, your driveway stands to showcase your home without having to step a foot inside it.

At Blue Isle, we specialize in designing and creating impeccable driveway installations that will impress your family and friends while creating envy among your neighbours. Our experts work with you to renovate, upgrade, install, or repair your driveway in ways that exceed your expectations. Our driveways are built to withstand extreme forces for all vehicular applications

Let our specialized team help you. With over fifteen years of industry experience, we pride ourselves on offering personalized service and quality workmanship on each and every project. We can help you build the perfect driveway to last throughout the winter and stay vibrant during the summer. However, we understand that life is unpredictable so we also offer a 3-year Edmonton workmanship warranty that exceeds industry standards. We guarantee customer satisfaction!

Paving Stone Vs. Concrete

Concrete pavers have grown in popularity due to many reasons. First, they are cost-efficient over the long term. On average pavers cost $33-$37 per square foot for supply and installation. The biggest benefit of paving stone driveway construction versus concrete is that traditional concrete materials are more prone to crack and create unsightliness and costly repairs. Paving stones, however, excel in our climate and if they ever need maintenance, it is easy and cost-efficient as you only need to replace the individual pavers that are worn, not the entire driveway. They are also stronger than poured concrete, and there is a wide array to choose from as they come in a wide variety of shapes and patterns. Another advantage of having concrete pavers is that they offer better traction for your vehicle when wet so you don’t need to worry about the stability of your car.

Concrete pavers work as a great way to upgrade your home. By adding pavers to the driveway, you improve the home’s curb appeal which in turn adds value to the home. Blue Isle landscaping understands this and we know that beautifully designed pavers can easily enhance your landscaping, making its overall appearance more attractive.

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What time of the year is best for installing a driveway?

The best time to install a driveway is when the frost is out of the ground and we can achieve proper compaction and consolidation. This occurs, ideally, from May to October

How often will I need to upgrade or maintain my driveway?

As with any project, a new driveway requires maintenance. However, this will depend on the material used in creating the driveway. Upgrade your driveway typically 20-25 years. Maintain your driveway for optimal functionality and aesthetic appeal by cleaning it seasonally.

What is the best way to maintain my driveway in winter?

We understand that Edmonton experiences harsh winters, and we help you keep and maintain your driveway in the best condition possible during these months. Use a plastic shovel or a broom and avoid metal ice picks or scrapers. Avoid harsh deicing salts when possible. Homeowners should wash their driveway off in spring after the winter months to get rid of salt and road debris. This helps prevent wear and keep the driveway looking good and functional for years to come.

Are patio stones an effective material for a new driveway?

Yes, but they need to be sufficient strength and usually are specifically designed and engineered for vehicular application. Most, patio stones that are meant to be used for a driveway are 80mm+ thick. Concrete pavers are a popular material used in driveway construction as they offer a wide range of colours and textures. These pavers are capable of withstanding at least 8,000 pounds per square inch of pressure thus making it ideal as it doesn’t crack under vehicular pressure.

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